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Are you trying to get pregnant in the next 6 months? Do you want to establish healthier habits in preparation?


This program, which includes an initial assessment and goal setting exercise, customized workout and nutrition plan, and ongoing support in between sessions is exactly what you need. 

Depending on your fitness background, you can start this program once your doctor gives you approval after you find out about your pregnancy, or you can wait until you are 10 -12 weeks along.


Studies show that working out during your pregnancy can reduce the risk of complications such as gestational diabetes. Getting the blood flowing three times a week can also lower the odds of delivery complications like unplanned caesareans and help keep weight gain in check during pregnancy. It’s no secret that your growing baby bump puts extra pressure on your body, so this program will help lower your blood pressure, ease back and pelvic pain, improve your sleep, help with constipation and boost your mood!


Regular exercise during pregnancy has been shown to speed post-delivery recovery and help women to get back to normal,  even resuming household chores faster than those who didn’t exercise.

6 sessions $375

12 Sessions $625

18 Sessions $800

24 Sessions $950

Travel fee $0.62/KM + HST

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